By clubartrepreneur


Cora Nimtz is a southern-born artist currently residing in New Orleans.


CA: Could you please share with us a little about your artwork and yourself?

CN: Working with gouache on aqua board, I create hazy dream worlds that echo a distinctly southern landscape. The central femme figures wear expressions that are stoic and unbothered, as they are thrust into this familiar yet futuristic absurdity. Vibrant colors veil darker and perplexing themes of the south. On the surface raw sexuality, humor, and resilience can be found in my work. With deeper observation themes of pollution, uncertainty, and the challenges of sexism rise as uncomfortable truths.


CA: What is some of the best business advice you have been given in this creative industry?

CN: Try everything and be able to walk away when it doesn’t work. There are so many festivals where I live, New Orleans LA. Being open to new possibilities and exposure is great, but if it isn’t working for you walk away. Talking to other artists that find income from festivals has been enlightening to creating my own boundaries as an artist.

CA: What does the word ARTREPRENEUR mean to you?

CN: It means forging your own path as an artist. I think being a fulltime artist is more accessible than ever, but with that opportunity comes a lot of research, planning, and ultimately thinking outside of the box. 

CA: When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue your passion to the fullest?

CN: I have been creating art my whole like, but my relationship with my craft intensified after living abroad. The solitude of being alone in a foreign country, the colors and vivid images of Guangzhou China, and the discipline I learned studying calligraphy inspired me to hone my craft as a way to express myself to people back home.

CA: What advice would you share with aspiring Artrepreneur’s?

CN: Don’t let rejections get you down! They will happen, and that’s ok. Also, get an idea of where you would like your work to be shown at, know what type of gallery and art fair it makes sense to be at. Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good fit for you art. Forge your own path, and don’t give up.



Instagram: @corarosenimtz