By clubartrepreneur


CA: Please share a little about yourself and your artwork!

MB: Hello there, my name is Meg Britten and I am a mixed media artist.

I have been creating/cutting/painting/assembling for as long as I can remember!  Artwork and creativity have always been at the forefront of my life whether as a teacher in a kindergarten classroom or developing marketing materials for local small businesses.  Through teaching and marketing development I really honed in on my artistic style. When I create I usually tell myself that all bets are off, and there are no rules.  I tend to be a very rule abiding structured person, so with my practice I let loose.  I work on a wide range of subjects in a variety of mediums. It can be incredibly therapeutic….and also very messy…haha.


I live in Tampa, FL with my husband, three kiddos and our sweet kitty boy named Oscar.  I am grateful for a flexible career that enables me to work from home and share my love of art and creating with my family.


What started out as a side gig has blossomed into a fine art business.  I am crazy amounts of grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me! This feature being one of them!  Many thanks to Club Artrepreneur!!


CA: What does the word ARTREPRENEUR mean to you?

MB: A master of art & business! It’s an organizational tool to help artists be independent and efficient with the business side of their craft so that they can focus on what they need to do most of all; create! 

CA: What is some of the best business advice you have been given in this creative industry?


MB: I think its so important to take advice in stride. If something makes sense to you, hold on to it and use it to encourage your journey! For me, I tended to be all over the place with my ideas. People had told me I needed to focus on one speciality. I was so stressed that my work lacked “cohesion”, that it would take up much of my creative time and brain power trying to fit myself into a little cohesive box. Finally, another artist I really respect discussed how its ok to follow your heart and try different things. It’s ok to explore, and use different mediums. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure you show up and let the creativity flow out of you. — so spoiler, there’s no “right way”. Do you! My business has been so much more successful since I held on to that advice and let it flow through my practice.


CA: When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue your passion to the fullest?


MB: When friends of friends started reaching out to me for pieces I knew that there was something more to what I was doing then I even realized. My background is in Elementary Education and in the classroom I was able to use my creativity daily. Developing recourses and extension activities really helped me find my style and fully develop it. I always told my students that I would be an illustrator some day and here I am giving it my best shot!



CA: How do you seek out opportunities and stay motivated?


MB: I try to meet other creatives whether in the art world or other types of small businesses and seek out collaborations. I love working with others, feeding off of energies and combining gifts to create something truly amazing and unique!

I would say that I am also an “obsessive” creative, I get energy from creating so I try to let that out daily. I also have learned to say “no” to projects that do not necessarily tap into my talents. That way I am motivated and not dreading a particular commission (This one took me a while to figure out!!) It is hard to say “no” when someone is asking you to create something. Know your strengths and what keeps your creative drive healthy versus weighing it down. 

CA: What advice would you share with aspiring ARTREPRENEURS?


MB: Be yourself. So often we feel like we need to “fit in”. I was told my work was too trite and preppy when I started in the fine arts program in college. I took that WAY too seriously and ultimately transfered into education. But as I grew, gained confidence and developed my style, I have come to embrace that my work is preppy and colorful! Words can be powerful so it’s important to hold on to the positive ones and let the negatives fall by the wayside.

…and of course, try joining Club Artrepreneur to help with the business side! Using your time efficiently is crucial to providing your clients with an excellent experience and helping you stay on top of your commitments. It’s easy to get bogged down with details, or keep inadequate notes, so anything that keeps me more organized is an A+ in my book!

CA: Any exciting upcoming projects or news you’d like to share?


MB: This summer I definitely had a “pinch me” moment! I was part of the Anne Irwin Fine Art Emerging Artist show in August 2019. I have followed the gallery for a long time and this was a huge dream come true for me. Through some introductions at that show I linked up with a gallery and online art retailer called Straight to Art in Charleston that I am super excited about! Check out @anneirwinfineart and @straighttoart

In the Tampa, Florida, area I have work at Lulu Studio Tampa, The Paper Seahorse and The Roost. 

I will be doing a Children’s Silhouettes in the Studio Day at Lulu Studio on September 20th from 9-1pm. For details please contact @lulustudiotampa or e-mail me at

I will also be teaching a citrus collage workshop at The Paper Seahorse on October 16th.


Instagram: @megbrittenart
Facebook: Meg Britten Art & Illustration