By clubartrepreneur


Meet Artist, Mari Robeson.

Mari Robeson Home is a lifestyle brand of Textiles, Art & Home Décor inspired by Mari’s spirited approach to her Interior Design projects and the beautiful Central Coast where she lives with her husband and three daughters. As a Cal Poly graduate, Mari chose to reside in San Luis Obispo where she has worked as a designer for more than two decades on hundreds of design projects. Mari & her Interior Design Company, WM Design Consultants, have designed some of the most premier restaurants & homes throughout the beautiful Central Coast of California. Every project is approached as a work of Art, whether it is designing a new home or a new textile for her line. Her bold & colorful approach to design brings a fresh, new voice to the design industry.


CA: Please share a little about yourself and your artwork!

MR: Hello there, my name is Mari Robeson and I am an author, artist, and designer. After graduating with a BS in Art & Design from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo, I worked in the world of Interior Design. For many years I designed and built beautiful homes and restaurants. I also designed product for the home decor industry, working with companies such as Pottery barn & William Sonoma. 


My love of creating art and my knowledge in interior design became the prefect marriage when creating surfaces like wallpaper and fabrics for the home decor industry. I still, to this day, love creating product but my favorite part of designing with my clients has always been sketching the rooms to show visually what we are going to create. Now room renderings are a common thread throughout all of my paintings.




CA: What does the word ARTREPRENEUR mean to you? 

MR: Artrepreneur represents to me an artist who understands that creating beautiful art is just one aspect of the process. It’s helpful to understand that any artist who wants to sustain their practice must also look at their art as a business. I am happy to see the all the wonderful tools created by Club Artrepreneur.

 CA: What is some of the best business advice you have been given in this creative industry? 

MR: The best advice ever given to me was “Work leads to Work”. Usually those smaller jobs lead to bigger connections and I’m always deeply grateful for any opportunity to be a creative.

 CA: What is currently inspiring your work at the moment?

MR: I recently launched my new collection called “Illuminate”. All of the paintings in this collection have at least one lantern of light in them. The lanterns all represent shining the light on different aspects of our lives. Many times we may feel overwhelmed in life, these paintings illuminate what is going on and in the light there is clarity and peace of mind. I’m also inspired by beautiful interiors and gardens. My Mediation series represents quieting the mind as still as a statue. When we quiet our minds, we release resistance and can connect to everything beautiful. These paintings represent knowing that everything is always working out for you.

CA: When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue your passion to the fullest?
MR: When I was in kindergarten. The teacher put a big piece of paper in front of us and told us to paint a pumpkin. The thing was, there were no paint brushes. She said, “Use your fingers.” That was it for me. Greatest day ever finger painting!


CA: How do you seek out opportunities and stay motivated?

MR: One of my favorite quotes is: “What you are seeking, is also seeking you.” By Rumi

I do a lot of vision journaling. I use the quiet time in the mornings to connect with how I want to feel and what I want to create in my life and in my art career. After I create my Vision Pages, I let it go with gratitude and trust that what I am seeking is also seeking me. It’s been a fun and effective tool for me for years!



CA: What advice would you share with aspiring Artrepreneur’s?

MR: Well, that’s funny you ask me this because I have an Art Podcast on YouTube where I ask all my artists that I interview the same question. One of the best answers that was shared with me, was to treat your art career as a business, which is why your platform is so helpful. For me, I also think it’s important to understand why you are creating art. What is your point of view and meaning behind your art? The art is the outcome of the story within. If you stay true to your own personal story, you will rise above because authenticity is easy to spot.