ARTIST INTERVIEW: Kayla Harbeitner

By clubartrepreneur


Meet Artist Kayla Harbeitner.

Kayla recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida in 2013. Kayla’s concentration was in Computer Animation. During this time she focused on computer based sculpts, but always enjoyed going back to the wheel and clay. Post graduation she has been working with Charlie Parker as his artist in residence. She brings traditional art into the craft by creating decorative and functional work with etching and painting.




CA: What does the word ARTREPRENEUR mean to you?

KH: Artrepreneur to me means being able to make your art and creativity into a business and be successful.

CA: When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue your passion to the fullest?

KH: I realized I wanted to be an artist when I was 14. I went to a pre-college program to make sure that art is really what I wanted to do with my life. Pre-college solidified everything I felt about art. I was freelancing as a 3d animator for awhile and at 27, I decided I need to make more art with my hands and not on a screen. Since then I have felt like I figured out what I was meant to do.


CA: What is some of the best business advice you have been given in this creative industry?

KH: My best business advice is stay creative. If you make art that you love, chances are someone else will see that passion and love it too. If you try and create for someone else and not yourself, it will not be as genuine or as great as what you create for yourself.




CA: How do you seek out opportunities and stay motivated?


KH: I am always looking at creative organizations websites, such as Creative Pinellas and the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, and am looking for grants to help further my education in ceramics. 


CA: What advice would you share with aspiring Artrepreneur’s and do you have any new and exciting projects or news you’d like to share? 


KH: Find new ways to stay motivated and passionate about your art. In my free time, I will do plein air sketches and paintings to stay fresh and keeps me from becoming worn out. 

I was recently accepted into the Charlie Cummings Gallery show “Cup: The Intimate Object XV”  



Instagram: @ceramicsbykayla

Facebook: ceramicsbykayla