Mission Statement

There comes a point in every artist & creative entrepreneurs journey when its time to get down to business and start taking your skills and services you provide seriously. When I got to that point in my life with my artwork, I realized that with the more success I was having the more organized and on top of my business I needed to be. And vise versa, the more organized and on top of things I was, the more success followed. I started to break down the boring administrative tasks in to simple, easy to use tables and created my own systems for an easy, straightforward way of keeping track of everything from clients, inventory management, payments and business expenses.

Understanding first hand, the annoying pain of dealing with accounting & business finances, I knew there needed to be a system created that was non-intimidating, simple, easy to use, and beneficial to others like me who wanted to start taking their business more seriously. Thats why I created Club Artrepreneur. 

Templates created by an Artist, for Artists, and a community to hold each other accountable and discover like minded ARTREPRENEURS.